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FAQ PLiPP International

PLiPP is a micro payment system with a integrated search engine, job board, publisher tool with marketing function into a "One click pay system".
PLiPP is the first of its kind to having One click system for small payments with no registration required or an account is needed. Content that is bought by the customers is collected to a invoice and paid later. The technique is patent applied.
PLiPP is an integrated tool for people who is creating the digital content - like following professions:
PLiPP is paying user who is distributing the posted links to the web or other social media platform. This program will motivate people to distribute the publishers content that is created by user from the Plipp job market.
Publishers in the PLiPP world can be anything from news magazines, news outlets, influencers, blog sites, artist pages, etc. All users who distribute the digital content from one page, one social media platform can register an account to use Plipp payment system or search engine function.
Contributor who have registered an account can create content - to -the publishers-who sell their content. Contributors make an agreement through Plipp job market and get paid directly from buyers instead waiting on the Publisher to pay out salary. With Plipp the contributor do not need a own firm, Plipp can handle the taxes and fees directly and payout salary to the creators. Creators can be all from:
Buyers is the people who consume the digital products and with help from Plipp they do not need to buy a full membership to a paywall like the today news market generally offer to the readers. Buyers can also earn money if they choose to participate in marketing programs that is offered by publisher - in exchange to distribute the content. This earned money can both be cashed out or used to consume other digital products.
Payments is collected to an invoice, that later get paid by the customer in matter of 30 days. Customer who have manually registered an account can change settings so an direct payments from the credit card if that is wanted. Payer can add limit to protect the credit card.
No direct cost for having the service signed up at Plipp, only fees for bought products and cost for using credit cards or paypal.
No, you have not signed up for a subscription - only signed up for service to using our tools for no cost, except a fee paid when service is used. If you want to sign up for subscriptions from the user who selling products, so can we make sure that is easy to cancel by you.
Depending what kind of user you are, makes its lesser or maybe tougher to earn money. However theoretically we do not have a limit. Limits that may apply can be your own countries tax restrictions etc. Its up your own imagination, about how to earn as a publisher, creator or buyer.
You can use the local currency to pay for content inside plipp. The person who sell will see the content sold in his/her local currency. So if you living in Brasil and buy a sound-track from a person who lives in US for 10 Real, so will the person who lives in US get approx 1,75 USD depending the currency rate.
  • Maybe in future PLiPP will have a index value for all products sold inside the system.
The amounts are set in general and can be revised on how much the maximum value per product can be when the item sold. The levels for each local currency follow this value pattern between 0 to 100 per purchase or 0 to 1000 depending on the currency.
  • 0-100 SEK
  • 0-10 USD
  • 0-10 EUR
  • 0-1000 Jpn
  • 0-100 K yuan
  • 0-10 B Pund
  • When you have reached the invoice limit (10 USD / 10 GBP) or in the top limit of the local currency concerned. Or 30 days without activity and the invoice for the outstanding amount will be sent. You will be able to pay the invoice with a credit card or other payment services such as paypal. More services are coming